The Pros and Cons of Pipe Replacement

Have you come face to face with some piping issues in your home or business? If so, then chances are you’re now having to weigh the pros and cons of pipe replacement. Don’t get overwhelmed, though! The pros and cons can help you determine whether pipe replacement is the best option for you. For more information, keep reading below!

What Is Pipe Replacement?

Pipe replacement refers to the process of removing and replacing old piping in your plumbing system in order to update or repair it. This is often done in cases where the piping is not salvageable due to wear and tear, leaking, rusting, etc. This is also done when there are galvanized pipes in place because these are not safe.

Pros of Pipe Replacement

The biggest pros are safety and efficiency. Replacement truly does fix the problem forever, without the need to revisit it later on.

Pipe Replacement for Home Safety

Safety is a huge reason why people go for pipe replacement over repair. This is because pipes with severe damage can not only harm your home or business but also your health. Pipes can carry mold, rust, and other particles into your water. They can also leak, which damages their surroundings. This includes destroying floors, drywall, etc. They can also contaminate your drinking water. 

By replacing the pipes instead of repairing them, you’ll be removing those risks and keeping your plumbing healthy for years to come.

Improves Plumbing Efficiency

Efficiency is another big pro to pipe replacement. Repairing pipes is sometimes okay if the issue is small and can be quickly fixed. However, oftentimes the repair doesn’t last and the issue will return. A great example of this is a small leak in a pipe. Chances are, it can be patched quickly. However, that patch will probably not hold forever and will need to be re-addressed. It will also continue to wreak havoc on your water bills. Thus, replacing them is much more efficient in the long run.

Additionally, replacing pipes can be done in a single day, with minimal to no digging required. This means that a plumber can quickly fix the issue without damaging your home or business, and the issue will not return again. 

Cons of Pipe Replacement

With every set of pros comes the potential for cons. In terms of pipe replacement, there is really only one con that people think about and that is pricing. A lot of people get concerned by the amount of money it can take to replace piping in a home or business. Sure, replacing pipes in your home is going to be more costly than just repairing them. However, think about the long term benefits. 

As mentioned before, replacing the pipes fixes the issue permanently, versus patching it up. So while it may cost more money up front, it is still worth it in the end. For more information on how much pipe replacement costs, contact us. We can get you a customized quote!

So now that you’ve heard the pros and cons, you’re probably starting to understand why pipe replacement truly is the best option. The benefits definitely outweigh the cons, especially when considered long-term.

Ask Your Local Plumber

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