Are you looking for toilet repair or installation services for your home or business? If so, the team at 535 Plumbing is here to help! We offer the following toilet repair services in Oahu:

  • Running Toiled Repair
  • Leak Repair
  • Toilet Unclogging Services
  • Toilet Installation
  • Low Water Level
  • Bidet Installations
  • Toilet Diagnosis

Installation requires expertise. There’s a reason why many plumbing companies’ slogans are “we repair what your husband fixed”. Save money getting it installed right.

We can order and deliver if that is most convenient, as well as dispose of your old fixtures.

Running Toilet Repair


Running toilets are more than a nuisance. A running toilet can waste many gallons of water every hour and drastically increase your utility bills. 535 Plumbing can locate the cause of your running toilet and fix it quickly.

Repairing Toilet Leaks


Leaky toilets, if left unrepaired, can cost hundreds of dollars on your utility bill. If you have a leaky toilet, give us a call today! We’ll take a look at your toilet to find the source of the leak and estimate your repair costs.

Toilet Unclogging


When your toilet bowl fills with water but the water level doesn’t return to normal, you likely have a clogged toilet. Have a clogged toilet that the plunger or drain snake can’t fix? At 535 Plumbing, we’ll send out a plumbing specialist to dislodge the clog.

Low Water Level in Toilet Bowl


Is the toilet bowl not filling up with water like it’s supposed to? The culprit is likely in your fill tube, float arms, float height, or sewer line. At 535 Plumbing, we can accurately diagnose the issue and repair your toilet.

Toilet Installations


Ready to install a new toilet and other fixtures in your bathroom? Are you replacing your current toilet? Proper installation is one of the best ways to avoid future complications. Contact the plumbing experts at 535 Plumbing today!

Bidet Installations


A bidet can be an environmentally friendly game-changer for hygiene and sanitation. Bidets can also be better for your septic system. If you’re ready to upgrade to a bidet, call 535 Plumbing for a consultation.

Diagnosing Toilet Problems


Have a plumbing issue you can’t seem to fix? At 535 Plumbing, we’ve seen it all and can help you find the source of your toilet problems. We’ll give you an estimated cost of repairs or replacement and answer all of your questions.

Toilet Repair and Installation Oahu Locations

We proudly serve all of Oahu with Toilet Repair and Installation Services, including the following locations:





Pearl City

Hawaii Kai





Don’t see your location on the list? Give us a call at (808) 300-0535 today. We’d be happy to help you with all of your plumbing needs!


Whether your project is commercial or residential, 535 Plumbing has you covered.

Plumbing Installation

We install any fixture or appliance, inside or out

Drain Cleaning Services

Whether you need snaking or hydrojetting, we clear them all

Camera Inspection

We'll diagnose your issue and determine the best solution

Plumbing Repair Services

We repair every plumbing issue you may encounter

Water Heater Service

Installation and repair to restore your hot water supply

Leak Detection & Repair

We use cutting edge technology to locate your leak

New Construction Plumbing

We do renovations, additions and new construction

Plumbing Inspection

Confirm that all plumbing structures and systems work properly

Pipe Repair & Pipe Installation

Galvanized, copper, cast iron, ABS, and rerouting

Hydro Jetting

High-pressured water for tougher clog jobs

Pipe Replacement

When repairs are no longer an option or upgrades are due

Water Main Repair

Installation, inspection, and repair


We take pride in going beyond the call.


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