Backflow testing and installation are critical components of plumbing systems, ensuring the safety and purity of water for consumption and daily use. Backflow occurs when the normal flow of water is reversed, potentially causing contaminated water to enter the clean water supply. To prevent this, 535 Plumbing installs backflow prevention devices and conducts regular testing to maintain their effectiveness.

Offering a full two-in-one service, 535 Plumbing has the ability to provide both full backflow prevention and testing services, with over 15 years of plumbing experience and 10 years in renovations.


Installation of backflow prevention devices involves key steps. First, 535 Plumbing’s technicians assess the specific needs of the plumbing system and Hawaii state and county regulations to determine the appropriate type of backflow preventer required. Common types include pressure vacuum breakers, double check valves, and reduced pressure zone devices. The selected device is then installed at strategic points in the plumbing system where cross-connections with non-potable water sources are possible.


During installation, 535 Plumbing will ensure that the backflow preventer is positioned correctly and securely integrated into the plumbing system. Proper installation by licensed plumbers is critical to ensure the device functions effectively in preventing backflow and protecting the water supply from contamination. Additionally, adherence to local codes and regulations is essential to ensure compliance and safety.


After installation, backflow prevention devices must undergo testing to verify their functionality. 535 Plumbing’s licensed plumbers conduct these tests using specialized equipment to assess whether the backflow preventer is functioning correctly and in compliance with regulatory standards. Testing procedures may vary depending on the type of backflow preventer installed and local requirements.


Regular backflow testing is essential to maintain the integrity of the plumbing system and protect water quality. Many municipalities and water authorities mandate periodic testing to ensure ongoing compliance and safety. Testing intervals typically vary depending on factors such as the type of backflow preventer, the level of risk, and regulatory requirements.


In summary, plumbing backflow installation and testing are essential components of water distribution systems. Compliance with local regulations and adherence to best practices are crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of backflow prevention measures. Through meticulous installation of backflow prevention devices and regular testing by 535 Plumbing’s qualified professionals, potential risks of contamination are minimized, ensuring that water remains safe for consumption and everyday use.



535 Plumbing’s Backflow Testing and Installation are indispensable for maintaining the health and safety of your water quality. By entrusting professionals to install and test backflow devices, you’re not only enhancing water quality but also safeguarding your family’s health.



From start to finish, 535 Plumbing will offer support and fast responses at every step. First, one of our site estimators will make a personalized quote and you’ll receive a follow-up email in a matter of days to ensure that you have received your quote and to answer any questions. Once the quote has been approved and paid for, 535 Plumbing will work with your schedule to ensure a seamless backflow prevention installation and testing process, which will be carried out in a timely and efficient manner. Once the job has been completed, homeowners can still reach out to 535 Plumbing—via Email, Text or by calling us at (808) 300-0535—if they have any additional questions.

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