When old pipes that are buried on a property fail, your mind wanders to massive, disruptive repairs impacting tenants and landscaping.

Trenchless pipe repair eliminates both of those nightmares, and is as cost efficient and unintrusive as it sounds. No trenches are dug or walls broken on your home, association grounds or office property. Pipe malfunctions can be remedied usually within a day and without disruption to you or your building occupants.

Do you need expert trenchless pipe repair services now? The 535 Plumbing experts are here to help. We service multiple locations on Oahu. Call us at (808) 300-0535 for an appointment today!

535 Plumbing is proud to be NuFlow Technology’s newest representative on Oahu!

“NuFlow partnered with us because their reputation required them to seek out the best plumbing company on Oahu,” says 535 Plumbing Owner Shane Misuzawa. “We are humbled that they are entrusting us to represent their exclusive technology here on Oahu.”

535 Plumbing, using NuFlow technology, saves time and money with sewer and drainage repairs because there is no need for a large team of workers digging trenches, plumbing excavation, sewer excavation or destruction of property to find a broken or missing pipe. NuFlow eliminates the need to replace your broken pipes. There is no damage to walls or flooring either. All sewer and drain pipe issues can be resolved using the unique trenchless sewer line repair process, which saves time and money. The cured-in-place-pipe prolongs the life of the original system. The repaired pipes are “better than new” thanks to improved water flow and patented, environmentally friendly epoxy lining that stands up to everyday use for decades. The techniques used do not disturb property or landscaping.

Pipe Inspection

535 Plumbing uses the latest in pipeline inspection cameras and locating equipment. Our pipe inspection team is here to check out your sewer and drain lines. Our inspection videos are clear and precise.


535 Plumbing technicians are equipped with the latest in NuFlow Technology locating equipment.  The technicians are able to accurately follow where the head of the camera is going along within your pipe underground and then pin point and locate the spot above ground for you.

The NuFlow Difference

NuFlow Pipe lining services provide an efficient, effective alternative with many benefits, which include:

  • Significant savings over re-pipe or pipe replacement
  • Increases life of piping
  • Very little disruption, if any
  • Preservation of building structure and surrounding landscape or hardscape
  • Little to no destruction to the property

More NuFlow Trenchless Pipe Repair Benefits

  • Nuflow specializes in sectional lining. Our product can stop and start at any point within the pipe, unlike PVC, where the complete line must be relined using trenchless pipe relining.
  • Nuflow’s seamless liner restores structural integrity, prevents joint weakening and has a smooth transition to the host pipe.
  • Nuflow can purpose make liners to almost any configuration, allowing for a holistic approach to your property’s drainage piping system.
  • Nuflow’s product can be installed on junctions (wye’s or tee configurations), bends, horizontal or vertical pipes all in one complete application.

In summary, using our product, we can rehabilitate junctions in one complete application, strengthening the entire junction. Top hats, as the name suggests, are unable to do this as they only cover a small section of the main line pipe and have the potential to fall out over time.

Case Study in Hawaii: A Major Hotel & Resort

With a breathtaking view of the Diamond Head and Koko Head craters, a major hotel appeared to be picture perfect, but beneath the surface of the renowned hotel was a failing pipe system causing regular disruption to the resort’s operations. The hotel is known as one of Hawaii’s most luxurious and secluded beachfront resorts, with over 300 rooms and suites, five stylish restaurants and a world-class spa.

A NuFlow team went in and assessed the issues. Roots had intruded the storm line causing backups and leaks into the restaurant when it rained. Compounding the problem was portions of the drain pipe were below the high-tide water level, which lead to sea water exfiltration from the pipe into the surrounding grounds of an area that hosted up to six weddings a day.

The solution was to clean and line the underground storm line using NuFlow’s trenchless, cured-in-place structural drain liner. While the tide was out, NuFlow first cleaned the storm line to remove buildup and roots that had intruded through the pipe. Once complete, NuFlow inserted a pull-in-place structural liner in the existing pipe using the patented NuFlow process. The team lined the affected pipes from the building, underneath the wedding ceremony area to the manhole, sealing all leaks and preventing roots from re-entering the sewer. NuFlow completed the retrofit without the need to dig a trench to access the pipe, preserving the picture-perfect landscape and hardscape.

Root intrusion is common in storm and sewer lines. Whether experiencing problems now or if interested in preventing the inevitable failure of a plumbing system, the NuFlow solution is available to lower repair costs and restore peace of mind utilizing trenchless sewer line replacement.

Case Study: “Sleeving” Las Vegas

At an iconic hotel and casino in Las Vegas, an underground, horizontal grease line for the buffet kitchen and employee dining room had cracks and heavy scale. The failing pipeline would have to be dug up for traditional re-pipe, which would cause closure to the buffet and employee dining room. Hotel management did not want those disruptions.

NuFlow was able to provide this prestigious customer with a feasible and tailored solution. During the hours that the buffet was closed, NuFlow technicians cleaned and lined the grease pipes using the patented, Pull-in-Place Nu Drain system. Destruction and disruption was prevented.

About NuFlow

The Nu Flow Companies manufacture and install innovative, noninvasive, eco-friendly technologies for the restoration of failing pipe systems. Nu Flow is the only small diameter pipe lining company to provide dual lining technologies from a single source and is the master licensee for the longest time-tested small diameter epoxy lining in North America. Our “Cured In Pipe Place” (CIPP) structural liner restores aging sanitary drain, waste, vent, storm drain, roof drain, industrial piping and chemical piping systems in place. This patented Pull-in-Place technology extends the useful life of the pipe system at a fraction of the cost of traditional replacement.

Epoxy pipe lining was brought to North America in 1987 by American Pipe Lining. The company began employing its epoxy lining technology as a sole source contractor to the United States Navy aboard its carrier vessels. American Pipe Lining’s success with the U.S. Navy brought immediate attention to land-based clients that required similar services in their buildings and underground piping installations. Following EPA approval of its coating in 1988, American Pipe Lining began providing in-place pipe restoration services to clients that faced aging potable water systems and poor water quality, including a variety of low and high-rise housing developments, schools, industries and water utilities.

In 2006, APL granted an exclusive license to NuFlow to utilize all technologies and patent rights, making NuFlow the only pipe and drain rehabilitation company that both manufactures and licenses its installs combined technologies for pressurized water systems, as well as trenchless repair on non-pressurized systems. NuFlow acquired APL in 2007, solidifying NuFlow’s position as the industry leader in small diameter pipe lining.

Trenchless Plumbing Repair Services Oahu Locations

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