Why Galvanized Pipe Replacement IS A MUST!

Going through a home renovation or experiencing some plumbing issues? If so, you’re probably thinking about your pipes and whether or not they need replacement. Pipes need replacing for a number of reasons including damage, blockage, or general age. Another reason they might need to be replaced is due to their material. For example, galvanized pipes are generally unsafe in homes these days because they can corrode overtime and cause damage.

If you have galvanized pipes and you are going through a renovation or experiencing plumbing issues, you might want to consider replacing them immediately. For more information on galvanized pipes and why you should replace them, keep reading below!

What Are Galvanized Pipes?

Lead pipes used to be the go-to option for piping needs. However, they were replaced by galvanized pipes in the 1960s to help stop the spread of lead poisoning. 

Galvanized pipes were a great alternative at the time because they were made of steel with a protective zinc coating over top to prevent corrosion and rust. However, it was soon discovered that rust and corrosion can still occur in these pipes in addition to dangerous blockages. This can lead to serious plumbing issues and therefore, they’re not used anymore. 

How To Know If Your Pipes Are Galvanized

There are a few ways to find out whether you have galvanized pipes or not. First, consider how old your home is. Was it built recently? If so, you definitely don’t have them because they were replaced with other pipes decades ago. If your house was built prior to the 1960s, though, try this:

Find the area where the pipes lead up to your home. Pick a pipe and gently scratch it with a nickel. If the pipes look like gray metal then they are probably galvanized. 

Replacing Galvanized Pipes

If you’ve found that your home has galvanized pipes, don’t worry. They can be replaced by a professional plumber in no time! Just make sure that you do, in fact, replace them because leaving them as is can cause major issues down the line, especially with your plumbing and your health. 

Plumbing Issues

Galvanized pipes can cause serious plumbing issues if left alone. Not only do they cause blockages over time but they can also lead to leaks and water pressure issues in your home. No one wants to deal with those problems, so replacing the pipes before they get to that stage is better for everyone.

Health and Safety

Did you know that pipe corrosion and blockages can lead to health issues? It’s true. If your pipes clog up with debris, then the system backs up. The debris has nowhere to go and can eventually contaminate the water you use. If you want to avoid using water that possibly has metals and other contaminants in it, you might want to call your plumber and have those pipes replaced. 

Ask a Plumbing Expert

If you have questions about galvanized pipes, consider asking a Honolulu plumbing professional! At 535 Plumbing, we know everything there is to know about pipes. We can determine if you have galvanized pipes in your home and we can replace them for you quickly. 

Don’t wait until your piping causes health or plumbing issues – call us today to schedule an appointment!