What Is Pipe Descaling And Why Is It Important?

Among the various services offered by 535 Plumbing, there are some as crucial as pipe descaling, significant for the accurate functioning of a commercial or residential plumbing system. Without swift response and expert assistance, scale development can obstruct the flow of water to and from your business, home, and your sewage-producing appliances from draining correctly. 

By working with a seasoned professional, such severe issues can easily be prevented with constant pipe descaling services to make sure your drains are clean and doing their job properly. For all of your residential and commercial pipe descaling requirements, look no further than 535 Plumbing.

What is Pipe Descaling and How Does It Work?

Simply put, pipe descaling is the scraping of accumulated rust and minerals from the inner surfaces of sewer pipes, drainage or water. Pipe descaling is also known for removing tiny roots that have grown within the pipes. It is an extremely important and crucial procedure in areas where the water supply is filled with minerals like magnesium carbonates or calcium. 

Comparatively, the cast iron pipes undergo much more intense scaling since their inner surfaces get coated with magnesium salts, calcium, and iron oxide. Whenever any pipe develops an uneven, thick layer of rust and mineral deposits, it starts to catch any grime and solids that flow through certain rough sections. And as a result, the pipe eventually gets either blocked or clogged.

Fortunately, descaling is an excellent way of clearing pipes and restoring them to their original working condition.

How is Pipe Descaling done?

There are 2 primary ways of doing pipe descaling. 

  1. By scrubbing the pipes with materials or abrasive tools. 
  2. By using certain chemicals.

A plumber opts for the appropriate method after having a thorough look at the extent of the scale buildup and blockage, by doing something akin to a camera inspection in the pipes. They also check if the pipe carries wastewater or clean water.

Once a plumber is done with their comprehensive inspection, they will suggest the most appropriate and potent descaling technique. 

Some of the methods plumber use to remove scale buildup from pipes are as follows:

Hydro Jetting and Descaling

In case a pipe is massively clogged, the plumber will go ahead with hydro jetting the clog. This is how it works: first, the plumber blasts a jet of highly pressurized water (with a force of minimum 3,500 pounds/sq. inch) to remove any blockage.

Then, the plumber attaches a descaling nozzle to the hydro-jet, which is entirely responsible for blasting pressurized water via the nozzle. Quite similar to a chainsaw, the descaling nozzle has a chain attached to it. When pressurized water flows via the nozzle, it firmly rotates the chain, which, as a result, scrubs the mineral buildup and rust from the pipe’s surface.

The descaling nozzle washes the debris and scrubs the pipes simultaneously.

Chemical Descaling

There is a possibility that a plumber might be interested in removing scaling with the usage of chemicals. However, that will only be the case if the pipe is comparatively clear of other forms of blockage.

All a plumber would do is flush an acidic chemical to dissolve the rust, magnesium salts, and the calcium.

Why Is Descaling A Good Option?

In today’s modern world, the descaling methods are a non-invasive way of clearing pipes from all types of blockages, which means that the owner of the property will be avoiding the trouble and towering expense of smashed walls and dug-up yards.

Descaling also enhances water flow and drainage while boosting the lifespan of the piping system.

Furthermore, Pipe descaling is a fantastic repair method since the buildings’ residents can continue to use the facilities, even if the plumber is working.

In case you are experiencing low water pressure or consistently backed-up drains, it is time to call the plumber. The odds are that they will locate scaling inside your pipes.

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