How To Determine If Your Drains Need Professional Cleaning

Our plumbing is something we use in our homes every day. From the kitchen sink where we rinse our dishes to the shower where we clean ourselves, our plumbing is an integral part of our lives at home.

While we don’t often think about our home’s plumbing when it’s functioning normally, it can be shocking when things go wrong. And when it comes to plumbing, a wide variety of things can go

wrong and repairs can be costly. Yet, not every issue is a recipe for a plumbing disaster. Rather, these issues may simply indicate your drains need professional drain cleaning.

Professional Drain Cleaning

When your drains need to be cleaned, you shouldn’t reach for the chemical drain cleaner. Chemical drain cleaners can corrode your pipes and lead to extensive (and expensive) damage. The fumes from chemical drain cleaners can also cause significant health issues. When your drains need to be cleaned, it’s much better to get a professional drain cleaning.

So how do you know your drains need to be cleaned? Follow along as we explore the most common signs your drains need professional cleaning.

Drain Has Bubbles & Backflow

Look at your drain for bubbles or backflow. Sometimes, when water is draining, your drain will spit back some water or bubbles will float out of the drain. This can mean that there is significant build-up in your pipes and the water no longer has a clear path to flow through.

Slow Drains

Oftentimes, a blockage in your pipes doesn’t happen overnight. Generally, soap deposits, hair, grease, and other gunk will build up in your pipes over time. This culmination will decrease the space for water to flow through your pipes.

If your water is draining slowly, it can be a sign that gunk has accumulated in your pipes. This isn’t a problem that will just get better over time. It will only get worse and could result in a worse blockage.

Odor Near Your Drains

Do you smell something? If a strange odor is coming out of your drains, it’s likely that waste or sewer gasses are stuck in your pipes and could lead to worse issues than a bad smell. This is an issue that should be addressed immediately by a professional.

Pipe Gurgling

Similarly to how an odor could signal gasses are stuck in your pipes, gurgling from your pipes and drains may also indicate air is stuck inside. When air is stuck in your pipes, it generally means that a blockage is starting to form. Now is a great time to have a plumbing inspection for the issue and clean the pipes.

Low Water Pressure

External water flow, such as your sink, toilet, and shower drains are what usually come to mind

when thinking about a blockage. But, you can also get blockages in the pipes that bring water into your home. If the water suddenly isn’t flowing out of your sink or shower at the normal water pressure, you may have a mineral build-up that’s blocking the water flow. A professional will be able to dislodge the mineral build-up without damaging your pipes.

Empty or Overflowing Toilet

The water that goes into your kitchen sink, shower, and toilet all come from the same source. If you’re experiencing blockages in another appliance and find that your toilet is empty or not as full as normal, you may have build-up or a blockage in your pipes that’s preventing water flow.

On the other hand, there are few things more terrifying than an overflowing toilet that you can’t stop. If your toilet is overflowing when you flush it, the outgoing water flow might be blocked and have nowhere else to go but all over your bathroom floor.

In either case, you should call a professional.

What Can A Professional Plumber Do?

A professional plumber will inspect your pipes and pinpoint the exact location of the blockage or build-up. This will save time and money as you solve the problem. After assessing the issue, the plumber might use drain cabling or hydro jetting to dislodge the blockage or build-up.


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